3 Reasons why the Future of Bodybuilding is drug free!

Our new motto at Nat-Bod is “the future of bodybuilding is drug free”! This is because we believe that natural bodybuilding is in a great position to capitalise on the growth of interest in the fitness industry that can be seen across a wide variety of demographics. With this growth of interest also comes a growth in the amount of people involved in physique competition. With a health conscious public, the lack of aesthetic appeal seen in non-tested federations and big companies becoming involved, natural bodybuilding is well positioned to take advantage of these factors and more heading into the future. These are three of the main reasons that “the future of bodybuilding is drug free”!


Reason #1 – Physical Health

Right now there are two competitive pathways for bodybuilders or physique competitors to take. Natural or un-tested federations. In natural bodybuilding there is drug testing, and therefore being competitive does not require the use of chemical enhancements. On the un-tested side of things to be competitive requires the use of drugs. And it’s not just steroids, but human growth hormone, insulin, diuretics and much more. We don’t feel the need to outline the very real risks involved with using these drugs, they are well documented and quite conclusive. It’s no secret that many bodybuilders have died as a result of using these drugs. Is it really worth the health risk of taking all of these drugs in order to compete? To a small amount of people it is, and we have no problem with anyone doing whatever they want with their own body (as long as they don’t try to cheat by competing in natural bodybuilding competitions). But the larger population don’t want to take that kind of serious risk with their health. However, many of them do want to take on the challenge of competing. So as more and more people look to stepping on stage they are doing so in natural federations, as the growth of these federations can attest to.


Reason #2 – Aesthetic Appeal

Bloated guts, torn muscle bellies, terrible proportions, over-exaggerated size, synthol and muscle implants among other things have led to modern bodybuilders competing in the un-tested federations to lose the aesthetic appeal of bodybuilders from the past, such as the great Steve Reeves. To combat this loss of aesthetic appeal these federations have created new divisions designed to minimise these problems, which are often a side effect of the drug use in these federations. Of course, natural bodybuilding has retained it’s aesthetic appeal by virtue of the fact that these issues relating to drugs, muscle injections and over-exaggerated size are not factors. As a result the natural bodybuilding federations do not have to manufacture new divisions to encourage an aesthetic look, and the natural physique can be appreciated by a general public who as a majority are turned off by the freaky physiques seen on the non-tested stage. The aesthetic physique is still alive and kicking in natural bodybuilding.


Reason #3 – Sponsorship Opportunities

With the growth in the fitness industry and physique competitions comes interest from big companies who will be looking to capitalise on this growth. These companies do not want to be associated with drug use, as can be seen by how quickly they drop athletes who are caught using drugs. So as a result these companies will naturally be looking to the drug-free side of bodybuilding for any kind of sponsorship association, whether it be with individual athletes or the federations themselves. The aesthetic appeal also plays into this factor as well, as these companies will also want to be able to use bodybuilders to promote their products to the wider general public. So when these big companies do come on board with the growing bodybuilding movement, and it will be much sooner than people think, it will be the drug-free version that they turn to.


These are just three of many reasons why we believe and we have adopted the motto that “the future of bodybuilding is drug free”! If you agree with us than become part of the movement by following us on Facebook & Instagram and using the hashtag #NatBod in all your posts.

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