Anna Rouse – Masters Figure Competitor

Name Anna Rouse
Age 54
Location (Suburb/State/Country) Queensland
Height (in cm) 161
Contest Weight (in kg) 51-52
Offseason Weight (in kg) 55-57
Division Bodybuilding (Figure, Women’s Physique, Bodybuilding etc.)
Facebook Address Myfigurejourney
Instagram Address My_figure_journey
Sponsors Mass nutrition- South tweed heads
Competition History
2015- placed 4th & 5th with INBA
2017- placed 2nd & 5th with ANB
2017- placed 4th & 5th with ICN

When did you first start training?
I first started training in 2014 after I did a weight loss challenge.

How long have you been competing for?
3 years.

What do you like most about competing?
I actually like the training and the lead up to competition more than the competitions themselves.

Why do you choose to be a natural athlete?
I’ve never thought of any other way to train other than natural. I’m all for “each to their own” but for me it’s always going to be natural and true to myself.

What is your number one piece of advice?
DON’T compare yourself to others.

anna rouse

Ryan Norman

Ryan is the owner and editor of NatBod. Bodybuilding has been a major part of Ryan's life since childhood, both his parents are successful competitors and coaches. Ryan owns Moruya Gym with his partner Becky, has himself achieved competitive bodybuilding success and he promotes Natural Bodybuilding through the NatBod platform. Facebook: Ryan Norman - NatBod Instagram: @ryanjnorman

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