David Nicolson – Canberra Pro Fitness Model

Name: David Nicolson
Age: 33
Location: Canberra, ACT
Height: 179cm
Contest Weight: 71kg
Offseason Weight: 81kg
Social Media Pages: 
  • IG @david_nico_
  • FB David Nico

Sponsors: Genflex Liftwear, King Ape Supplements

Competition History:
  • Clash at the Coast
  • Canberra Titles x2
  • NSW City Championships
  • NSW Super Bodies
  • NSW Nationals
  • Australian Championships
  • Canberra’s first and only pro men’s fitness model
  • 9 x men’s fitness champion
  • Top 5 at the Australian Titles 2016
  • 4 x second place

When did you first start training?
I first started training when I joined the military. Being in the military for 12 years I’ve always done PT… more so circuits and running than anything. I started gym a few years ago but it was more just rolling through the motions, I really started getting into nutrition and weight training in late 2015 with guidance from my coach, Kyle Webber at Nutrivolve.
How long have you been competing for?
I started competing in April 2016-Nov 2016, my first comp being the Clash at the Coast Physique Titles, 2017 has been a complete off year focusing on my weak points. I’ll be back on stage late 2018 for ICN.
What do you like most about competing?
The thing I like most about competing is the discipline and focus that’s required, I like to be comfortable with being uncomfortable if that makes sense. The ability to show off all the hard work is an amazing feeling.
Why do you choose to be a natural athlete?
I choose to be a natural athlete because it’s better suited for my lifestyle, I’ve never taken drugs and I rarely drink… the choice was easy to go into the natural bodybuilding scene.
What is your number one piece of advice?
Don’t lie to your coach, a good coach will know if you’ve been cheating because the body doesn’t lie. Nutrition is key.

Ryan Norman

Ryan is the owner and editor of NatBod. Bodybuilding has been a major part of Ryan's life since childhood, both his parents are successful competitors and coaches. Ryan owns Moruya Gym with his partner Becky, has himself achieved competitive bodybuilding success and he promotes Natural Bodybuilding through the NatBod platform. Facebook: Ryan Norman - NatBod Instagram: @ryanjnorman

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