Fitness star of the future Tamara George

13511540_1568815160080938_1141004762_nName: Tamara Jane

Age: 18

Height: 162cm

Contest Weight: 46kg

Offseason Weight: 49 – 51 kg

Social Media Pages: Facebook : Tamara jane  Instargram : Tamarajaneee

Sponsors: I train at peak fitness Huskisson and my trainer/sponsor is Melissa Crowther (Enduring fitness)

Contest History: 2016 – INBA Clash of the Coast, INBA Canberra and Country Titles and INBA City Nationals

Training Split:  Monday: back and shoulders – Tuesday: legs – Wednesday: chest, abs and arms – Thursday: legs and glutes – Friday: back and shoulders – Saturday: glutes and abs – Sunday: rest day

13518256_1568815223414265_1717521215_oNatBod: Tell us a little about yourself for our readers?

Tamara George: My Name is Tamara George, I’ve recently turned 18 and I’m a very proud sponsored athlete and part of the Enduring Fitness Angels. I am your typical peanut butter lover with big dreams and I enjoying lifting heavy stuff for fun.

NB: When did you start lifting weights and what was your motivation?

TG: When I was around 14 I started my weight loss journey. Like a lot of young girls I had very low body confidence with zero knowledge about health and fitness. I made the mistake of having my focus on being “skinny”, not healthy. I just did cardio and fueled my body with either very little or the wrong foods. As time grew on and my interests developed I started to admire fit girls, women with muscle and curves. Looking into it more I discovered I can look like this by eating more, but the right foods. Then when I was 17 I went and watched a local bodybuilding show and I just knew this is what I wanted to do. It was one of them “when you know, you know” kinda feelings. I was always such a shy girl and I just admired how much confidence those women had, their stage presence was crazy I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Just being blown away with how much hard work they all must have put in amazed me and I wanted give that feeling I had to someone else one day.

NB: If you could go back to when you first started training what advice would you give yourself?

TG: DON’T BE SCARED OF WEIGHTS! Learn to eat peanut butter in moderation!

13515448_1568815260080928_1552941866_nNB: What is your favourite body part to train? Also, what is your least favourite body part to train?

TG: I used to love training legs because glutes are a wonderful body part of the human body but now I’m all about shoulders! I’m such a tiny build and a goal of mine is to get them bigger and give my mini self some more shape, plus since my strength has increased I love lifting heavy now.

NB: The myth that weight training will make a women become masculine is still quite common. What would you say to people who believe this myth?

TG: Yes, yes! It’s so common, from boys and girls! Boys say that I’ll turn into a man and a lot of girls who ask how I’ve toned and improved my body and are shocked when I tell them I lift weights and do very little cardio! I’ve been lifting weights for quite some time now and I haven’t turned into the hulk yet. I encourage girls to lift weights as much as possible or to anyone that will listen to me chatter on about it! Where I live it’s such a small area and it is easy for people to just stereotype others. I remember how nervous I was walking over to the weights for the first time when you have all the big fellas there lifting huge weights and I was some short little plump girl who couldn’t even hold them properly, but in saying that it’s all part of the progress and learning! So what I would tell girls who still believe this myth? I would say have a spoon full of peanut butter, come lift some heavy stuff and watch the magic happen!

13499527_1568815173414270_1860480526_oNB: Weight training (and bodybuilding) is becoming more and more popular. What do you believe is driving this increased popularity?

TG: Yes so much! Which is so good because it challenges you physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s a journey that you learn so much about yourself and can be amazed with how much you can actually push you limits! Also I have noticed a lot of younger people are showing more and more interest! It makes me happy when I see young girls looking up to strong healthy women! Bodybuilding gives confidence and provides a challenge. It’s the type of thing that you can do on your own or with friends. Either way the best part about it is that it proves that hard work, dedication and knowledge all pays off and the only true competition you have is with yourself, constantly improving to beat your best.

NB: When was your first competition and what motivated you to step on stage under the bright lights?

TG: Funnily enough at my first show 15 seconds before I was about to walk onto the stage I said to the back stage guy “I can’t even public speak”. But I remember the feeling I got when I watched my first show, and being all glammed up, surrounded by all the amazing people in my life showing off all my passion and hard work. Having my first taste of the start of a long life journey in the fitness industry. I loved everything about it, the vibe, meeting people and completely being inspired just to improve. I can’t go a day without thinking about competing or constantly finding ways to improve myself, that’s one of my biggest motivations, just knowing that I can’t go a day without thinking about it just proves to myself how passionate I am and how bad I want to be the best I can be in the industry.

13523720_1568815146747606_1486394063_oNB: Competition wise what do you consider to be your strong points?

TG: I personally think my strong points are to do with how much body works not so much as how it looks. My body adapts to carbohydrates really well so that’s a great advantage to have. Physically I have time on my side. I am so young and competing in fitness model the more I train the more mature muscle I will grow. So for being my age and being able to compete in fitness already just blows my mind in thinking; well imagine how I will look with some more time under my belt! I love constructive feedback more than anything! I love knowing what I can work on, what I can improve on! Having goals is what drives me in life. My strongest point of all and my number one talent is that I do not quit.

NB: When will you be stepping on stage next and what improvements do you plan on making for your next competitive appearance?

TG: Next year sometime. I haven’t put a date on it as of yet because I want to hustle for some muscle! My first season was to gain experience and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined, I ended up doing 3 shows pretty much back to back! It was an incredible journey that has me properly hooked now! I’ve gained a better understanding of my body and what it can do, what it is capable of. I’m taking all of Season B to build muscle and come back next year an absolute weapon! Every time I see an upcoming show I get all exited and want to do it but I know the more time off the better. My goal is to grow my shoulders and legs more. It will be exiting having a good off season and then it will be like unwrapping a present seeing all the improvements and changes I’ve made!

13524059_1568815250080929_1224614399_oNB: At only 18 years of age you’ve already achieved successful results on stage. Long term where do you hope to take your competitive career?

TG: I can’t be thankful enough that I’ve started so young, the amount of knowledge and experience I will gain is such a massive advantage and because this is a passion of mine it makes the process easier because of how challenging it is! I want to be able to inspire and help people! For me fitness pretty much saved my life and gave me a vision. Through my early teen years I didn’t have the best run, this changed my life and I want other young people to follow their dreams, to know they can do anything if they put their mind to it and to learn to love and respect themselves. I’m in this for the long run. I want to show people that being healthy and stepping out of your comfort zone can bring you so many insane opportunities. If I could even change the life of one person because they decided to take a leap of faith and work towards their dream despite was it is I’d be the happiest person alive. I one day see myself earning my pro card. I don’t know when but I know I will.

13521704_1568834586745662_1029066734_nNB: Natural bodybuilding competitions are growing every year. The female divisions (bikini, fitness, figure etc.) are possibly growing faster than many of the male divisions. Why do you believe so many women are taking on the challenge of competing?

TG: I believe deep down everyone wants to rise to be the best they can in any part of their life. I think this has become more popular especially in women because it promotes confidence, positivity and a challenge. The whole process provides and teaches you so much about yourself. The challenge is even more mental than physical and taking on the challenge itself is huge. Its not just about getting up on a stage in a bikini doing some posing. It shows that every person on that stage worked hard for months, had to make sacrifices, balance the struggles of their daily life with comp prep life, sometimes put their social life on hold and for some overcoming the fear of even being on a stage. It’s the most rewarding feeling being up there knowing you have given everything and made it. Placing or not placing it doesn’t matter because everyone that stands on the stage is a winner, metals and trophies are a heaps cool bonus!

NB: There are some awesome natural competitors coming through the ranks right now. Are there any that stand out to you in particular?

TG: Honestly I couldn’t say! The amount of wonderful, driven people I have met and come across through my shows so far has blown my mind! I have a great deal of respect for everyone who steps up on that stage and I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone I’ve met takes the next level of success, everyone has it in them!

13518192_1568815226747598_1591960688_oNB: Why do you choose to be a natural athlete and compete in natural, drug tested competition?

TG: Because I have great respect for hard work and honesty. They are some of my key values in life. That’s what INBA is, drug free, all natural! It’s a fair and honest federation! Every show I’ve done they have looked after us athletes and provided a day that none of us will ever forget! I’m so happy to start my journey being a part of them! I couldn’t speak anymore highly about being a natural athlete.

NB: What would be your number one piece of advice for our readers?

TG: One of my favourite quotes is, “Limits don’t exist if you don’t give them reasons”. So my biggest advice to give is to follow your dreams, no matter what! Never let anyone talk you out of anything you want in this world. Everyone deserves to live the life they imagine. Every successful person has a different story, different struggles, different up-bringing, but the one thing they all have in common is that they never gave up!

NatBod: Thank you for your interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Tamara George: I want to give a huge shout out to my trainer Melissa Crowther. She’s more than a trainer she has become a friend, like my second fitness mumma! She took a chance with me, she had no idea who I was, I was a stranger. I had no money, no knowledge of what kind of world I was about to enter, just a 17 year old girl with a dream walking into the gym to meet with her for the first time. She brought me into a whole new experience that had given me a vision and passion. I will never know how to thank her enough. I wouldn’t be who I am today, have the goals I have now, the confidence I’m growing without her. I’ve always got 100 percent support, perfect guidance and the good discipline when needed. All the qualities of an amazing women and brilliant coach! Also a big thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and letting me feature on your website! Absolute honour, so stoked to be a part of it!  xo


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