Jenn Rose – Natural Figure Athlete

Name: Jenn Rose
Age: 40 something
Location: Cairns FNQ
Height: 164 cm
Contest Weight: around 52kg ( I never actually weigh on comp day )
Offseason Weight: around 56kg ( I try not to look)
Social Media Pages: body by jennetics on FB and insta and website all same name
Sponsors: none but happy to get some if anyones looking !
Competition History:

  • 2012 ANB North Qld Titles 3rd place figure novice ( season a )
  • 2012 ANB North Qld titles 1st place figure masters ( season b)
  • 2012 NPBB North Pacific Titles 3rd place figure masters ( season a )
  • 2012 NPBB North Pacific Titles 1st place fitness model classic ( season b) and 2nd place Open Figure
  • 2012 INBA Qld titles 1st Place figure Intermediate ( season b)
  • 2013 all season B INBA Tropix Nth Qld 3rd place Figure International, 3rd place Open Figure, 4th place masters figure
  • 2013 NPBB North Pacific Titles 2nd place figure masters
  • 2013 INBA Nationals 6th place Figure Open , 6th place Figure International
  • 2015 all season B INBA Tropix 4th place Figure Masters, 4th Place Figure International, 5th place Figure Open
  • 2015 INBA Bris Vegas Super show 3rd place Figure Open-short class, 3rd place Figure International
  • 2016 ANB QLD State titles 5th place Figure Open, 5th place figure masters
  • 2016 ANB Nationals 5th place Figure Open, Fifth place figure masters
  • 2016 WFF Cairns Classique 1st place figure performance

When did you first start training?
In 2011

How long have you been competing for?
Since season A 2012, so 4 years now , and am now in another long 2 year off
season , I hope to compete again in season A 2019.

What do you like most about competing?
Friendships made, the thrill and fun of the day, The challenge !
Proving age is just a number when it comes to health and fitness
Keeps me physically and mentally fit and strong

Why do you choose to be a natural athlete?
Even though its been suggested to me many times, taking PEDS is just something I
would never consider.
Ive worked in healthcare my whole life and Ive seen first hand how damaging all
these drugs are to young men and women.
I do not believe in using PEDS, to me its cheating, plain and simple.
Work with what you have, thats the real challenge

What is your number one piece of advice?
Do your research before you decide to compete. Research coaches, comps, feds,
and make sure you are informed and prepared before you commit. It really is a
lifestyle, its not a quick fix to losing weight or wanting insta fame

jenn rose

Ryan Norman

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