Jess Johnson – Professional Natural Athlete

Name Jessica Johnson
Age 22
Location (Suburb/State/Country) Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Height (in cm) 171
Contest Weight (in kg) 60
Offseason Weight (in kg) 65
Division Bodyshaping (Bikini, Fitness Model, Sports Model, Muscle Model, Men’s Physique etc.)
Facebook Address @jessjohnsonfitness
Instagram Address @jessjohnsonfitness
Sponsors Inline sports health & comp culture
Competition History:

  • This was my 3rd year competing the 1st year I didn’t place at all, last year I didn’t get a placing above 3rd and this year I worked my butt off and was so focused and determined to compete overseas which paid off. 
  • My biggest achievement this year, firstly winning overall fitness model at ANB Nationals in Sydney where I also won my first pro card for the season then Winning overall sports model at natural Olympia in Vegas 💃🏻😍🙌🏼✨ This was also my pro debut
    I was also super proud to gain a few 1st placings as a figure competitor (quarter turns only) and at WNBF I gained my pro card in figure after a long season I competed in 7 comps, 2 being national level and 2 international I’ve walked away with off the top of my head 2x overall placings for fitness and 1x for figure, 7x 1st placings for fitness, 5x 1st placings for figure international. It wasn’t all 1st tho I missed out on the fitness overall a few times and got 2nd at ANB Qld and AWNBS NATIONALS. I also gave u25 figure (muscularity posing) a go where I got 3rd. Oh and at WNBF I placed 2nd as a bikini pro.

When did you first start training?
I started training back in 2013 after I had stress fractures and couldn’t run.

How long have you been competing for?
3 years.

What do you like most about competing?
The glitz and glam, meeting likeminded people and the challenge.

Why do you choose to be a natural athlete?
The satisfaction knowing I’ve done everything all due to hard work and effort and not because I had an illegal substance. I believe in honestly, loyalty and taking care of my body there’s a reason these substances are illegal. I wouldn’t want to put that in my body. When people take drugs bodybuilding stops being healthy and about personal growth and when people start taking drugs it stops being about inspiring others to be healthy and it’s more a focus on looking ‘perfect’ no matter the consequences.

What is your number one piece of advice?
I think it’s also super important to have a great coach and to listen and follow their guidance.

jess johnson

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