Shredded Junior ACT Champion Brendon Hiscocks

Natural champ Brendon Hiscocks
Natural champ Brendon Hiscocks

Name: Brendon Hiscocks

Age: 21

Height: 180cm

Contest Weight: 70kg

Offseason Weight: 80-85kg

Social Media Pages:

Instagram: brendonhiscocks

Snapchat: thicktightsolid

Facebook: Brendon Hiscocks

Sponsors: Coached currently by Tyson McCrea

Contest History:

  • 2015 (Season A) Canberra Titles: 1st place Junior Men
  • 2016 (Season A) Clash at the Coast: 1st place Junior Men
  • 2016 (Season A) Canberra Titles: 1st place Junior Men

Training Split: currently upper/lower/rest then repeat

Most Muscular Pose
Most Muscular Pose Tell us a little bit of background info about yourself for our readers?

Brendon Hiscocks: I’ve always been active as a teenage and younger kid, basically playing every sport under the sun during high school and college. This included soccer, AFL, bike riding and softball. I just loved moving around as a kid and was raised and influenced by quite an active family. I’ve grown up in Canberra and lived here my whole life and love it so far!

NB: When did you first step foot in a gym and start lifting weights, and what was your initial motivation to do so?

BH: I started lifting weights around 17 years of age. I got the motivation through my dad who was training often, as well as seeing guys on YouTube and their workouts and results they were achieving. I initially wanted to train to get abs and improve my strength for sport I was playing. This quickly switched over to me training specifically for my physique and strength rather than for sport.

NB: It’s not unusual for people to make mistakes when they first start training. What do you think was the biggest mistake you made when you first started training?

BH: Although it may have been beneficial in me making gains in body weight a mistake I made was just eating anything in sight, rather than putting more thought into the foods I ate due to lack of education. Another mistake I made that I think a lot of guys make is to be so focused on the weight they lift rather than using correct form and staying safe.

NB: What advice would you give to anyone who is just starting out in the gym?

BH: Learn the basics! Perfect them! Be patient and be in it for the long haul rather than getting a quick fix of results in a few weeks/months.

NB: Do you have any body parts that you enjoy training more than others? And on the flip side are there any body parts you enjoy training less than others?

BH: I love training legs lately, as I started out with very skinny legs and they have progressed very well over the years. If there was a body part I enjoyed least, it may be shoulders and for no reasoning at all besides I don’t enjoy the movements as much!

NB: What training principles do you believe are most important for building a better physique?

BH: I believe the most important factor in growing and building your physique is progressive overload of not just weight but sets/reps/rest etc. over time, it all adds up.

Ab & Thigh - Shredded
Ab & Thigh – Shredded

NB: If you could only choose one exercise to perform per body part what exercises would you choose?


  • Legs: Squats – I feel these are just the king of basically all exercises.
  • Back: Pull-ups – I feel almost every muscle of my back working during a hard set of pull-ups so hard to go past these.
  • Chest: Incline Barbell Press – I’ve noticed the most growth in my chest going hard and heavy in these!
  • Shoulders: Rope Face Pulls – so many people neglect the rear delts, when I feel they really complete the shoulders.
  • Biceps: Incline Dumbbell Curls – the stretch and contraction during these is amazing!
  • Triceps: Bar Pushdowns – I feel you can go heavier than the rope with these and they provide and great contraction.

NB: When was your first bodybuilding competition and what motivated you to step on stage under the bright lights?

BH: My first competition was April 2015 in Canberra. I had started to really focus on training specifically for physique improvements; I was loving the progress and results and wanted to take it a step further and decided to compete in bodybuilding.

NB: You’ve taken three first places in two years. How does it feel to be successful so early in your competitive career and what do you aim on achieving in the future?

BH: It feels amazing to do well in a sport where essentially your hard work is all that matters, and coming up against such brilliant competition is always fun and I love the friendly battles onstage!

NB: You brought some awesome conditioning to your most recent shows. What advice would you give to natural athletes looking to nail their conditioning?

BH: Give yourself enough time! Don’t try and rush your prep and diet where you’re stressing out close to comp because you aren’t ready. It’s always better to take a bit longer and slower process rather than leaving it too late and rushing it! Also it helps to stay a bit leaning during your ‘off season’.

NB: When will you be stepping on stage next and what improvements are you working on for your next competitive appearance?

BH: My current plan is to jump into the opens in Season B 2017 if all goes to plan. I would just love to add a bit more size overall while retaining the condition or better that I achieved this year. Also wouldn’t mind bringing up my spaghetti arms haha!

NB: You compete in competitions under the INBA ACT banner. What do you believe is leading to the strength of the natural bodybuilding community in the Canberra region?

BH: Having been involved in the fitness and bodybuilding scene for a few years now I honestly believe the best part about competing in the Canberra region is that we are all like one big family, everyone knows each other and all the competitors and hosts are very friendly and welcoming to each other (from my experience anyway).

Hands on Hips Most Muscular
Hands on Hips Most Muscular

NB: The natural bodybuilding scene worldwide is home to some amazing athletes. Who do you believe are the most influential people involved in natural bodybuilding right now?

BH: There are a few people I closely pay attention to via social media and I feel are doing great things for the natural bodybuilding community. They include all the guys over at team 3DMJ, I believe they are really transforming the way people go about planning training and dieting. I also tend to follow along with pro natural bodybuilder Jeff Nippard who I believe puts out exceptional content for a young natural bodybuilder wanting to learn.

NB: What is your number one piece of advice for anyone looking to compete for the first time?

BH: My advice for competitors just getting started is to take your time! Be patient, learn about proper nutrition and training techniques and never stop learning! And never forget to have fun along the way. Thank you for your interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Brendon Hiscocks: Thanks for the interview NatBod!
I’d like to give thanks to all my wonderful friends and family and coach who always support me through the tough times and lift me higher during the good times!

Hopefully this journey continues for me for a long time to come, for now I’m just getting started 😉

Brendon Hiscocks - Side Chest Pose
Brendon Hiscocks – Side Chest Pose

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