JUST RELEASED: Posing Costume Guidelines

Hello 🙂 As you already know Natbod is taking an exciting, new and revolutionary sporting style approach to bodybuilding competition. As part of this new approach there has been a change to the Categories and with this change comes a change to the posing costumes for each category as well. You know that the NatBod Vision is to “Grow the SPORT and See the Athletes Succeed!” and you are about to discover that the new guidelines for posing costumes will help to achieve both these goals.

You will see that this fresh new approach to posing costumes will:

  • Remove the “beauty pageant” influence
  • Lead to More Competitors on stage
  • Create a strictly Sports-style competition
  • Lead to Mainstream Attention for the Sport
  • Give the athletes Better Opportunities to secure Sponsorships
  • Save the athletes $$$ on Posing Costumes

Find out more HERE

Ryan Norman

2019 Natural Mr Australia Champion. NatBod Promoter, Head Judge & Editor in Chief.

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