What is Bodysculpting & Bodybuilding? – EXPLAINED!

Bodysculpting. Athletic. Classical. Bodybuilding. What do all these names mean?

You now know that NatBod is taking a completely new and sports-like approach to bodybuilding competition. A big part of this change to a sporting style is the new approach to categories, which you will already have a basic understanding of from our separate post dedicated to Categories, Criteria & Divisions.

The two major groupings in NatBod events are Bodysculpting (split into two categories: Athletic & Classical) and Bodybuilding.

What does Bodysculpting mean?

To put it as simply as possible Bodysculpting is the sport of:

“Sculpting the Body”

Pretty simple right? But there’s a little more depth to it than that simple explanation, as you are about to find out.

Bodysculpting is split into two separate categories; Athletic and Classical. Both these categories have their own weight limits based on an athletes height.

You can see where the name BodySCULPTING comes into things. As there is a weight restriction on athletes competing in the Bodysculpting categories there is far less room for these athletes to put on maximum muscular size, and therefore you can see that the goal for these athletes is to work within a certain level of size and “sculpt” their physique to it’s maximum potential.

Due to the implementation of a weight limit the variation in muscular size between athletes is significantly minimised. Naturally as a result Muscular Fullness and Muscular Density will be of a higher priority than Overall Size when it comes to judging the Muscularity Criteria. This also means that the other Criteria; Condition, Proportion & Presentation will be of slightly higher importance to top level Bodysculpting athletes.

To be successful in competition as a Bodysculpting athlete you need to ensure you bring muscular fullness & density, great conditioning, train to maximise your proportions and work hard to perfect your posing. This can be a balancing act that means you may choose to specialise in the Bodysculpting categories, working on mastering all aspects of your competitive performance.

What does Bodybuilding mean?

Again, putting it a simply as possible Bodybuilding is the sport of:

“Building the Body”

Another simplified explanation, but again, there’s a little more depth than that.

Unlike the other categories Bodybuilding does not have a weight limit.

Therefore you can understand where the name BodyBUILDING comes from. As there is no weight limit for Bodybuilding competitors they have the ability to “build” the size of their physique to it’s maximum potential.

However, as with all categories in NatBod events all the Criteria; Muscularity, Condition, Proportion & Presentation are all of equal importance.

To be successful in competition as a Bodybuilding athlete you need to train hard to maximise your muscularity, bring great conditioning, ensure your development is balanced, symmetrical & proportionate and master your posing and presentation. If you train to reach your maximum physical potential than Bodybuilding may suit you as a competitor.

What do you choose? Bodysculpting or Bodybuilding?

Now that you have an understanding of what Bodysculpting is and what Bodybuilding is you’re ready to make a decision as to what category you want to compete in!

Athletic & Classical Bodysculpting will suit competitors that wish to maintain a certain level of size whilst continuing to improve and “sculpt” their physique to it’s fullest potential.

Bodybuilding will suit competitors who want to “build” their muscular size to it’s maximum possible potential whilst also working to perfect all other criteria as well.

You can compete in as many categories you fit under the weight limit for, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to one category unless you plan on specialising in that category alone.

For more information on the Categories, including the weight limits, CLICK HERE. For an explanation of the Judging System CLICK HERE.

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Ryan Norman

NatBod Co-President. 2019 Natural Mr Australia Champion.

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