Bionic Arm,, Renaissance Fitness Innovations & Mind Body Results Coaching on board as sponsors of the 2019 NatBod Showdown: South East & Renaissance Fitness Innovations, inventors of the unique and patented Bionic Arm and providers of exceptional coaching through Mind Body Results Training with David Taylor have come on board as sponsors for the 2019 NatBod Showdown: South East! They will be putting a Bionic Arm up for grabs as well as 5 special online Strength Training Masterclass Training Packages!

All About the “Bionic Arm”

“The Bionic Arm is simply the best tool for pressing muscle movements in the gym. With it’s now patented technology. The first in a new generation of training products available at Bionic Arm – universally attaches to any standard size dumbbell. This allows for outstanding muscle recruitment from prime pressing muscle groups. The pectoral muscles of the chest are now isolated. Stimulation and exhaustion by the ability to fully contract with either the Bionic Arm’s -pressing- or-flying- movements. Deltoids of the shoulders take on workload  and become stronger with Bionic Arm’s  pressing handles.”

All About the Strength Training Masterclasses

“David Taylor is a world-class trainer  that has been involved in all aspects of the health and fitness industry over 20+ years. 

This life long passion inspired thousands of people to receive top quality results and the designer quality products that improve exercise outcome through outstanding innovative ideas that harmonise with sound principles of Bio-mechanics.

See his invention the BIONIC ARM at

This Exclusive strength training masterclass -Online Video Coaching Packages  Valued at over $ 650.00 I will be an amazing addition to any of these future progression. “

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Ryan Norman

Owner & Editor in Chief of NatBod. Promoter & Head Judge of the NatBod Showdown. Natural Mr Australia - Physique (Classic) 2019. Owner of Moruya Gym. Passionate about natural bodybuilding and the fitness lifestyle.

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