Chet Yorton, classic style pose.

Who was Chet Yorton?

Chet Yorton was a bodybuilder from the 1960s and 70s. He famously beat Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1966 Mr Universe, one of only three times that Arnold was beaten. He won big titles such as the Mr America, Mr World and Mr Universe. He was also famous for his anti steroid stance, and his role in the development of natural bodybuilding.

Chet started the Natural Bodybuilder’s Association (NBA) in 1975.

Creating a Platform for Natural Athletes

Chet famously spoke out against the use of steroids and their dangerous side effects. His passion for drug free bodybuilding led him to form the NBA (Natural Bodybuilder’s Association) in the 70’s, which was the first federation to test it’s competitors for drug use. Following on from this Chet launched a magazine titled Natural Bodybuilding in the 80’s, which provided exposure for drug free athletes.

A poster promoting the 1978 American Natural Physique Championships.

Legacy: The Yorton Cup

Chet’s efforts in the development of natural bodybuilding will be forever remembered as a vital part of the history of our sport. In 2004, to honour those efforts the OCB introduced the Yorton Cup, considered to be one of the pinnacle competitions for natural athletes. Chet Yorton’s legacy will live on in every athlete who chooses to take the natural path.

The prestigious Yorton Cup, in honour of the legendary Chet Yorton.

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