EXPLAINED: The NatBod Judging System

Hey there! Do you want to learn some exciting information? Of course! You’re about to discover a comprehensive new approach to bodybuilding judging that will revolutionize the sport! You’re going to find that this specially designed new judging system leads to the fairest results and brings bodybuilding firmly into the sporting realm. So what is this brilliant new judging system? Read on and find out!

How does the Scoring work?

Finally! A scoring system that allows you to actually measure your competitive performance across all criteria and each pose individually!

You will find that we take a very comprehensive approach to Judging, with each Criteria, each Mandatory Pose and each Pose Off pose scored individually Out of 10. This means no Criteria or Pose is worth more than another and you can quite clearly see that this leads to the fairest results. Why? Because now everything is taken into account equally! No stone is left un-turned in ensuring you get the standard of judging you deserve!

And there’s more! Isn’t it great that you now actually have performance based data that you can use to improve your future results? No longer are you just competing for a trophy or a medal, now you’re competing to set new PB’s as well!

Just Imagine how much this Scoring System will add to your training!

What is the Judging Procedure?

Now that your understanding of the Scoring System is strongly in your mind you’re probably asking; “What is the Judging Process?”

You’ll discover that there are some familiar elements to the Judging Procedure, and you’ll also discover some new elements that will excite the competitor within you!

Round 1: Mandatory Poses

In Round 1 you will be called through each of you Mandatory Poses by the Head Judge. Each pose shows the physique in a different way and is designed to suit it’s category.

During Round 1 the judges are scoring you out of 10 for each Mandatory Pose, taking into account both your physique and execution of the pose. The Mandatory Poses are:

  • Athletic Bodysculpting: Front Muscularity, Side Oblique, Back Muscularity, Front Abdominals
  • Classical Bodysculpting: Front Single Bicep, Side Single Bicep, Side Oblique, Back Double Biceps, Twisting Rear Single Bicep, Front Abs & Bicep
  • Bodybuilding: Front Double Biceps, Front Lat Spread, Side Chest, Side Triceps, Back Double Biceps, Back Lat Spread, Abs & Thighs, Most Muscular

Round 2: Quarter Turns

In Round 2 you’ll be called through all four Quarter Turns by the Head Judge. This gives the Judges the opportunity to assess your physique and presentation from all angles. You may be familiar with this procedure from other events.

During Round 2 the judges are scoring you out of 10 for each of the Criteria: Muscularity, Condition, Proportion & Presentation.

Round 3: Pose-Off

In Round 3 the traditional posedown has been given new meaning and an actual purpose from a competitive standpoint becoming the “Pose-Off”! The Head Judge will call for one Front Pose, one Side Pose and one Back Pose of your choice.

You’ve now got an opportunity to show off your physique in your own individual way! Show off your strong points, minimize your weak points and get creative!

During Round 3 the judges are scoring you out of 10 for each Pose-Off pose, taking into account your physique, execution of the pose as well as creativity.

Placings: Final Percentage Score

The Placings are determined by an athletes overall performance in each Criteria and each pose. As you already know this leads to the fairest of results! How is the final Percentage Score (and Placings) determined?

All your scores from each Criteria and Pose are added together and a Percentage Score (Out of /100%) is calculated. The highest Percentage Score wins.

You’re not only setting PB’s for each Criteria and Pose but also aiming for an overall PB as well!

It was GREAT to Get a Score and Feedback,” enthusiastically explains ‘T.C’, one of the 2019 Overall Champions

Feedback: Comprehensive Scores plus Head Judge comments

You’ve now discovered an exciting new and revolutionary approach to bodybuilding judging! Did you know that this comprehensive scoring combines with comments and feedback from the Head Judge? Can you see how the Scores plus Head Judge comment results in the most useful feedback a competitive bodybuilding athlete could ever receive?

Imagine actually knowing what your scores for each Criteria and Pose was. Now imagine on an even deeper level how useful those Scores will be for designing a training and nutrition program to improve your results at your next competition. Pretty cool, right?

It’s even better though! In addition to your scores the Head Judge also leaves a comment on your performance in each of the Criteria and Poses and gives you advice on how you can improve these scores.

You won’t find this commitment to comprehensive scoring or actually useful feedback anywhere else!

The Most Comprehensive & Fairest Judging System EVER Seen in Bodybuilding!

You’ve now learnt about and have a deep understanding and belief of the NatBod Judging System! You’ve discovered something that will revolutionize the sport of bodybuilding and firmly place it within the realm of other serious sports.

The Scores and Judging System are what makes Natural Bodybuilding a Legitimate Sport!

We’re gonna go over the Judging System one more time which will firmly cement this new and exciting information in your mind:

  • Scores Out of 10: Comprehensively assessing your competitive Performance in each Criteria and each Pose!
  • Round 1 Quarter Turns: Scoring you out of 10 for each of the Criteria.
  • Round 2 Mandatory Poses: Scoring you out of 10 for each Mandatory Pose.
  • Round 3 Pose-Off: Gives the old posedown new purpose! Scoring you out of 10 for each of your unique Pose-Off poses.
  • Placings & Feedback: The fairest results! Useful feedback to improve your future scores!

NOW that you have a deep understanding of the NatBod Judging System and how it’s the fairest and most comprehensive approach ever seen in bodybuilding it’s time for you to take ACTION!

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