NatBod Anti-Drug Policy

 NatBod Anti-Drug Policy

The NatBod Anti-Drug Policy is designed specifically for the sport of natural bodybuilding. The NatBod Anti-Drug Policy is designed to promote a clean and fair avenue for natural athletes to compete. The NatBod Anti-Drug Policy applies to all events ran by NatBod or any associated organisations. Athletes competing in our events are expected to be familiar with and comply with the NatBod Anti-Drug Policy. NatBod will strictly enforce this policy, which can include the implementation of drug testing procedures to ensure the integrity of our events. Prior to competing in any NatBod event athletes will have to complete a Declaration of Compliance with the NatBod Anti-Drug Policy.

Banned Substances:

The NatBod Anti-Drug Policy specifically bans any pharmaceutical product that gives athletes an un-natural advantage. The term pharmaceutical is used to distinguish between natural products/sports supplements and drugs/drug-like substances. Banned substances include pharmaceutical products that fall under the following categories.

  • ALL Anabolic Steroids & Other Anabolic Agents
  • Growth Hormone
  • Insulin & IGF-1
  • SARMs (& SERMs)
  • Clenbuterol
  • Pro-Hormones & Pharmaceutical Peptides
  • Pharmaceutical Diuretics
  • Thyroid Drugs (eg. T3 & T4)
  • Pharmaceutical Fat Burners

Drug Free Period:

To ensure a fair playing field the NatBod Anti-Drug Policy has set periods that athletes must be free from the use of banned substances.

  • 5 Years Free From Use of Anabolic Steroids & Other Anabolic Agents, Growth Hormone & IGF-1
  • 3 Years Free From Use of SARMs (& SERMs), Clenbuterol, Pro-Hormones & Pharmaceutical Peptides
  • 1 Year Free From Use of Pharmaceutical Diuretics, Pharmaceutical Fat Burners & Thyroid Drugs (eg. T3 & T4)

Drug Testing Procedure:

NatBod may implement one or more of the following drug testing methods at our events to ensure the integrity of our events and to support the NatBod Anti-Drug Policy.

  • Drug testing methods that may be employed at NatBod events include but are not limited to; Urine, Blood, Hair Follicle and Polygraph
  • Athletes are expected to comply with requests to collect samples for the purpose of drug testing and are expected to follow the instructions of the Drug Testing Officials
  • In the event that an athlete fails a drug test they will be given the opportunity to have their “B” Sample tested
  • In the event that the “B” Sample also fails the athlete will be required to pay the full costs of their testing


The NatBod Anti-Drug Policy will sanction or ban athletes for failing a test or failing to comply with testing procedure.

  • Lifetime Ban for Use of Banned Substances
  • 5 Year Ban for Failure to Comply with Drug Testing Procedure

Therapeutic Use Exemptions:

The NatBod Anti-Drug Policy understands that many people have extremely serious conditions that require the use of medications that may be banned. Therapeutic Use Exemptions will be available for these cases.

  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions are Available for certain substances as Prescribed by a Specialist Doctor

Recreational Drugs:

The use of recreational drugs is not associated with the aim of getting an unfair edge in competition. In fact, recreational drug use can be detrimental to an athlete’s performance. Therefore the NatBod Anti-Drug Policy does not include prohibition of recreational drug use.

  • Recreational drug use is not banned

Sports Supplements:

The NatBod Anti-Drug Policy does not deem the use of supplements to be contrary to clean competition. However, there are many supplements on the market which have banned substances in them, sometimes not marked on the label. Therefore, athletes are required to use due diligence when considering using certain supplements.

  • NatBod events do not prohibit the use of Natural products & Sports Supplements
  • NatBod does however ban the use of sports supplements that include any of our specified Banned Substances
  • Please be aware that many supplement companies have products that include these Banned Substances, sometimes not marked on the label