The NatBod Showdown: South East, Ulladulla NSW

The NatBod team are bringing a new, sports like direction to bodybuilding promoting the independent NatBod Showdown: South East in Ulladulla on the NSW South Coast.

The NatBod website was created with the goal of promoting the sport of natural bodybuilding. We believe natural bodybuilding can become a legitimate sport, attracting mainstream attention and boosting the profile of natural athletes, as is the case with other sports.

We believe natural bodybuilding has a ready made support base with the growing number of people embracing the fitness lifestyle and shaping, sculpting and building their physiques in the gym.

We know that many of you see yourselves as serious athletes, and you also feel that natural bodybuilding is a sport. We’re bringing changes to our independently run NatBod Showdown: South East that will pull natural bodybuilding in that direction.

We’ll be changing the way categories are named and creating clear and easy to understand definitions for these categories.

Our judging system is more sport like, resulting in fairer results and useful feedback for the athletes.

With the introduction of the “Team Challenge”, athletes and gyms can come together as a sporting team.

The NatBod Showdown: South East is being held in the well known NSW South Coast town of Ulladulla. Ulladulla is only 3 hours south of Sydney, and 2 hours from the national capital of Canberra, so it is a central location for the “South East” region. Our venue is directly across the road from the stunning Ulladulla Harbour, a perfect location to take photos.

natbod showdown south east
NatBod Showdown: South East

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Ryan Norman

Ryan is the owner and editor of NatBod. Bodybuilding has been a major part of Ryan's life since childhood, both his parents are successful competitors and coaches. Ryan owns Moruya Gym with his partner Becky, has himself achieved competitive bodybuilding success and he promotes Natural Bodybuilding through the NatBod platform.

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