Overview of the Categories, Criteria & Divisions

Hi again! We’ve got a question to ask! How do you decide what categories and divisions you are going to be competing in? You know, this can sometimes be a difficult question when it comes to other bodybuilding shows. You’re going to discover however that under the NatBod sports style approach it is actually really simple! Isn’t that a relief?

Clear Categories: No Confusing Criteria!

Why is it that it can be so confusing for an athlete to choose their category in other shows? You’ve probably heard all sorts of confusing and conflicting descriptions for the many, many categories on offer.

Most of the time it goes something like this:

“Not too big,” or, “Not too lean.”

Okay? But how do you decide the limit?

It seems like the limit can change from show to show, depending on the athletes that step on stage. One day the judges are going for a “softer look” and the next a “leaner look”. As one female competitor who wishes to remain anonymous told us:

“At one show I was told I was too hard for the category,” she explains, “So I backed off on my training, ate a little more food and really worked hard to soften my physique for my next show a couple weeks later. Only this time I was told that I was now too soft! This is way too confusing.”

You’ve more than likely heard this story before. More than once too, unfortunately.

When a category is as subjective as they can be in other shows it means the results are up to the judges personal preferences. You can be sure that this is especially true when the judging system used only places athletes from 1st to 5th based on a judges opinion not the athletes overall performance in each criteria and each pose individually.

Why is this the case?

As a natural athlete you know that there is only so much variation between the levels of development that can be attained naturally. Having 5 different categories for men and 7 or 8 for women only serves to dilute the talent pool, confuse the athletes and lead to controversial results.

NatBod only has 3 categories for both men and women: Athletic Bodysculpting, Classical Bodysculpting & Bodybuilding. They are all judged based on the same criteria. This is the criteria that has been used in bodybuilding since it’s beginning: Muscularity, Condition, Proportion and Presentation. No one criteria is worth more than another, and this leads to the fairest results.

So what separates the categories in NatBod events? The Athletic & Classical Bodysculpting categories have weight limits based on height, whereas Bodybuilding has no limit. Each category also has it’s own unique set of Mandatory Poses.

Now you’ve discovered a much simpler way to find your category! Bring your best package across all Criteria and Poses to the stage and compete in the category that your stage weight fits in. (You can cross over categories as well.)

You’re ready now to take a deeper look at the Categories.

A Deeper Look at the Categories

Athletic Bodysculpting

Classical Bodysculpting


What Are the Weight Limits?

Isn’t it a little strange that at some shows the competitors competing in the Men’s Physique category are often bigger than the competitors competing in Bodybuilding? Isn’t Men’s Physique supposed to be a smaller, more streamlined physique? How can this end up happening? And worse still, how come these bigger athletes often end up winning, even though they don’t “fit” the category?

You already know why this happens. It’s because the different categories aren’t adequately separate thanks to their vague definitions.

The only truly fair way to separate the categories from a sporting perspective is using a weight limit. That way all the athletes within a certain category are of a similar development level.

The Athletic and Classical Bodysculpting categories in NatBod events are limited in weight based on an athletes height. The charts below show the different height/weight brackets. Check them out below to see where you fit best!

*There is no weight limit for Bodybuilding athletes.

You can cross over and compete in as many categories as you like provided you fit within the weight limit. Remember, because of NatBod’s sports style Judging System which takes into account all the criteria and poses it is possible for an athlete to be successful in more than one category!

Divisions: Making Sure You Get Looked at Fairly

How many shows have you watched where there are 10, 15, even 20 competitors on stage at one time? Lots right? Some people think this a great thing. And it is some ways.

But if you think about it, is it really great for the competitors? After all, you know that if a Division has a tonne of competitors on stage that a good chunk of them are gonna be overlooked, left out, or even worse, relegated to the back of the stage. Isn’t it a terrible feeling to be left standing at the back and know that you’ve been forgotten about? After months of dieting is that really fair to the athlete? And from a competitive standpoint if the judges have to rush through that many athletes how comprehensively can they really judge them?

  • You deserve your time on stage.
  • You deserve to be judged properly.
  • You deserve to feel welcome on the stage.

How has NatBod addressed this very serious problem? By ensuring that each Division is capped at 6 competitors maximum! If there are more than 6 entrants in a specific Division then that division will be split evenly based on height. You can be sure that you’ll get your fair share of time on stage, be judged comprehensively and be encouraged & welcome on stage with NatBod!

The following Divisions are available in ALL Categories:

As with the Categories you can enter as many Divisions as you are eligible for.

Time to Re-Cap

You’ve now discovered a new simple way to pick your Categories and Divisions when competing. NatBod’s exciting revolutionary approach is the fairest approach to Categories, Criteria and Divisions from a sporting perspective.

  • Athletic & Classical Bodysculpting: Weight Limits based on Height
  • Bodybuilding: No Weight Limit
  • Criteria: Clear & Consistent
  • Divisions: No More than 6 Athletes on Stage at a Time!

NOW that you deeply understand that the NatBod approach to Categories, Criteria and Divisions is the fairest ever seen in bodybuilding it’s time for you to take ACTION!

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