NatBod Showdown 2020


Welcome to the page for the second ever NatBod Showdown held on Saturday the 10th of October in beautiful Ulladulla on the pristine South Coast of New South Wales, Australia!

The NatBod Showdown is a unique competition with the goal of bringing Natural Bodybuilding and physique competition into a bright new future where it can become a legitimate sport and attract mainstream attention, sponsors and fans.

We believe natural bodybuilding has a ready made support base with the amount of people embracing the “Fitness Lifestyle” rapidly expanding every day!

We know that many of you see yourselves as serious athletes, and that you feel that Natural Bodybuilding is a legitimate sport. We believe it’s the greatest sport on Earth and the difference we bring to our event is a part of cementing Natural Bodybuilding’s place amongst other more mainstream sports.

We have categories for both men and women that are clearly defined and designed to cater for a variety of physiques that are built through resistance training.

Our judging system is the most comprehensive, fair and sports like to ever be seen in bodybuilding competition, with each criteria and pose scored out of 10. This gives a clear performance based aspect to Natural Bodybuilding that is far less subjective than the current system which sees athletes placed based on the subjective opinion of judges.

We have also given training partners, gyms, coaches, friends etc the opportunity to come together as a team through our unique “Team Challenge” addition that strengthens the community aspect of our great sport.

A big part of what we aim to do is building community and giving back to the athletes as the stars of the show. We strive to ensure a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere backstage and we give back to the athletes by giving them all their photos, both on stage and backstage, for free! On top of that we give $500 prize money to all 6 of our Overall Champions and feature our athletes on the “NatBod – Fitness Lifestyle” website which serves as the evolution of the bodybuilding and fitness magazine.

The NatBod Showdown is held in the beautiful NSW South Coast town of Ulladulla which is only 3 hours drive from Sydney and 2 hours from Canberra, making it a central location in one of the most beautiful parts of the world! Our venue is directly across the road from the picturesque Ulladulla Harbour, a perfect location to take your photos when you step away from the stage.

Seize the opportunity to become part of this exciting new direction for the future of Natural Bodybuilding! It is important that this sport becomes more affordable for competitors, we don’t see you as dollar signs, and therefore we do not charge a membership fee, our entry fees are as low as possible (especially when you consider what you receive as a competitor; photos, singlets, competitor packs etc.) and spectator ticket prices are designed to ensure you have a packed out crowd to display your talent to.

We look forward to and are excited to see you at the NatBod Showdown on Saturday the 10th of October 2020 in Ulladulla, NSW!

Below you will find links to detailed information about our Categories, Divisions, Judging System and the Team Challenge. Updated information to come soon, stay tuned!


Men’s Categories:

  • Athletic Bodysculpting
  • Classic Bodysculpting
  • Bodybuilding

Women’s Categories:

  • Bikini Bodyshaping
  • Athletic Bodysculpting
  • Figure Bodybuilding

Divisions (available in all Categories):

  • Junior Under 21
  • Rookie First Year
  • Masters Over 40
  • Grandmasters Over 50
  • Open

The NatBod Official Judging System

Team Challenge

Competitor Entry Form

Spectator Tickets

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