What is the NatBod Vision?

Welcome! You’re here because you’re a fan of the sport of natural bodybuilding. Whether as a competitor, coach or a fan, you want to see our sport grow and our athletes to succeed. Why wouldn’t you? But you’re probably used to seeing new bodybuilding organisations popping up, organisations that promise a lot but end up repeating the same old formula you’ve seen many, many times before. So, why is NatBod any different? NatBod is different because there is a clear, powerful vision that is it’s driving force. What is that vision exactly? To sum it up in the simplest possible manner the NatBod vision is:

“To GROW the Sport and See the Athletes SUCCEED!”

Sounds great right? You can obviously get behind that vision if your heart is truly behind the sport. But how exactly will NatBod achieve that Vision?

How will the NatBod Vision GROW the Sport?

As you read further into this vision you will start to see that NatBod is bringing an exciting and fresh new approach to bodybuilding competition. This is an approach that will GROW the Sport. Inspiring More Competitors, exciting Fans and Spectators and attracting the Mainstream Attention and Sponsorship that will see the sport expand, growing at a lightning pace.

QUIZ: After Walking, What is the 2nd Most Popular Physical Activity performed by Australians?

ANSWER: Training at the Gym to Improve their Physique & Fitness!

Training at the gym to improve your physique IS natural bodybuilding! How many other sports have people participating at a recreational level every day, every week, all year? Not many, IF ANY, right? Special Internal Research conducted by NatBod has found that many of these recreational gym goers would enthusiastically step up to compete under NatBod’s Sports Style approach, whereas the current beauty pageant approach is turning them away. This Special Research has also uncovered that many of these recreational gym goers would happily enjoy following NatBod’s Sports Style natural bodybuilding events as spectators and fans, whilst they ignore or avoid the current pageantry events.

NEWSFLASH!Gym memberships skyrocketing! An explosion of activity in active wear, supplement and other fitness related industries! Major brands marketing to gym goers to boost their business!

You really have to ask, with this much growth and interest in the gym and fitness, why hasn’t natural bodybuilding been able to attract Mainstream Attention and Major Sponsors to the sport? NatBod has connected with many of these brands and discovered that whilst they are always looking to partner with a wide range of sports to promote their products they are extremely reluctant to associate with current bodybuilding organisations. They fear that partnering with the current style of competitions; similar to beauty pageants in image, criteria and judging, would have a potentially damaging effect on their brand. The fact that the major bodybuilding organisations continue to accept steroid use is another massive concern for these businesses. However, when asked if they’d be willing to partner with a NatBod Sports Style natural bodybuilding event one company marketing official said, “Absolutely! That would be an amazing opportunity for us to reach our target market!”

Just imagine the infinite amount of opportunities that exist under the NatBod Vision!

How Will the NatBod Vision See the Athletes SUCCEED?

You will discover that these exciting changes will See the Athletes SUCCEED. A comprehensive, revolutionary judging system results in the Fairest Results and exceptionally Useful Feedback that gives athletes something concrete to train for to make Improvements to their score under NatBod’s Clear Judging Criteria. With changes to the competitor costumes athletes now have More Sponsorship Opportunities becoming available to them with sponsor logos able to be displayed on costumes. And to further help the athletes Succeed NatBod has $3000 Prize Money on offer at the 2020 NatBod Showdown, $500 to Every Overall Champion!

“At one show I was told I was too hard for the category,” says one female competitor (who wishes to remain anonymous), “So I backed off on my training, ate a little more food and really worked hard to soften my physique for my next show a couple weeks later. Only this time I was told that I was now too soft! This is way too confusing.”

How may times have you heard a similar story? Unfortunately it is far too common. Currently this is the norm for bodybuilding events thanks to the beauty pageant approach. The categories and criteria are extremely vague and confusing, and the judging system used does not fully assess all aspects of a physique and is instead up to the judges subjective opinion. You can see why it is so messy and confusing, it’s almost like it’s designed that way!

One of the most important aspects of the NatBod Vision is our comprehensive and revolutionary Judging System based on Clear Criteria that is specifically designed to avoid these kind of issues completely! NatBod competitors are scored out of 10 in each individual criteria, each mandatory pose and each of their pose-off poses. This gives the fairest result based on how an athlete performed across the board, not just what a specific judge likes most. Even better, it means the athletes receive clear and comprehensive feedback which they can use to improve their scores in all these areas and achieve greater competitive Success.

“An amazing event! The Judging was especially great! I received Comprehensive Judging Results as well as Personalized Feedback! I’ve never received my scores or had my placing explained to me in other comps. It’s gonna be hard for me to compete anywhere else now!” – Happy 2019 NatBod Competitor

You can now see that the NatBod Vision will lead to more competitive Success for the athletes. Did you know that the NatBod Vision also aims to help the athletes achieve financial success and turn the sport into a viable career? How?

Competitor costumes in NatBod events are different to in other bodybuilding organisations. This new approach to posing costumes presents an outstanding opportunity for athletes to secure and display sponsors on their posing costumes. This is an exciting new opportunity never before available to bodybuilding competitors! Now you can get paid for competing!

EXTRA BENEFIT: This new approach to posing costumes will attract more competitors who are put off by the current costume styles. It will also attract more sponsors due to better marketability. This is also part of the Vision for Growing the Sport!

Now you understand clearly that the NatBod Vision is to See the Athletes SUCCEED. This understanding deepens with the knowledge that NatBod are giving away $3000 Total PRIZE MONEY, $500 to ALL 6 x Overall Champions at the 2021 Australia National Championships!

“Loved the Atmosphere! And the Judges made sure the Audience Knew What they Were Looking For. It was GREAT to Get a Score and Feedback,” explains ‘T.C’, one of the 2019 Overall Champions, adding, “The Trophies were AMAZING! Along with the $500 Prize Money for the Overall Winner! Well run and the organizers couldn’t be more helpful!”

The NatBod Vision is to GROW the Sport and See the Athletes SUCCEED!

You now have a deep understanding of the NatBod Vision, which is to GROW the Sport and See the Athletes SUCCEED.

The sport will grow by:

  • Increasing Competitor Numbers
  • Expanding the Fan Base
  • Attracting Mainstream Attention
  • Partnering With Major Sponsors

The athletes will succeed thanks to:

  • Comprehensively Judging System – The Fairest and Best!
  • Clear Criteria – No More Confusion!
  • Sponsorship Opportunities on Costumes – Get Paid to Compete!
  • Prize Money! – $3000 Total! $500 to Each Overall Champ!

NOW that you have the deepest knowledge of the NatBod Vision and How it Will be Achieved it is Time to Take Action!

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STAY TUNED as further detailed information is released. As you read this information your belief in the NatBod Vision will significantly STRENGTHEN.

REMEMBER! The NatBod Vision is: “To GROW the Sport and See the Athletes SUCCEED.”

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