Natural bodysculpting & bodybuilding is a sport that is about improving your physique & fitness without having to risk your health & wellbeing. A key part of the NatBod Bodysport vision is to provide natural athletes with a clean, drug free platform so they can compete in fair competition. We are committed to protecting the integrity and values of our sport and ensuring that all our competitors have a level playing field.

Performance Enhancing Drugs (P.E.D’s) are banned from use in NatBod Bodysport competitions. We have modelled our Anti-Doping Policy on the WADA standards which are recognised globally and used for Olympic sports.

  • Competitors are required to be free from P.E.D use for a minimum of 7 years
  • Competitors are required to sign a declaration confirming their compliance with anti-doping policies
  • Testing can occur both in & out of competition – at random or targeted
  • Professional athletes will be subjected to even more stringent testing requirements
  • Backstage helpers must also comply with anti-doping policies (anyone with obvious signs of P.E.D use will not be permitted in the backstage area)
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE’s) may be issued under certain circumstances
  • Be aware that some supplements on the market contain banned substances
  • We will continue to expand and strengthen our Anti-Doping program as our organisation grows – including conducting extra testing and partnering with government organisations
  • Anyone trying to cheat the system is by default a loser and should be ashamed of themselves. We have zero tolerance for doping and will impose severe sanctions for any violations of our policy
  • Coaches, trainers and backstage helpers play an important role in supporting our natural athletes and promoting a clean sport culture. They are expected to abide by our anti-doping rules and educate themselves and their athletes on the risks and consequences of doping